Managed Business Center

What is Managed Business Center?

An increasing number of guests are reliant on Business Center solutions during their stay. Hotels have to discover ways to keep up with growing service demands while ensuring a pleasant and secure user experience. Using our vast industry experience we have redesigned the concept of ‘business center solutions’ by introducing the new Generation XV Business Center.

Our managed business center solution relies on modern, secure, and reliable equipment to efficiently address guest demands. Generation XV is built to fulfill the ever-growing technological needs of today’s fast-paced and tech-savvy guests.

Supporting a multitude of languages, the user-friendly Generation XV Managed Business Center aims to be accessible to a vast variety of demographics. Our Managed Business Center offers a seamless experience for guest to be productive, by employing various functionalities.

From using office suites, printing services, weather & local info to maps and discovering local attractions Generation XV Managed Business Center provides all essential features to offer guests a delightful experience.


Our Generation XV Managed Business Center is designed to cater audiences from every walk of life and provides a productive experience without compromising the security & privacy of guests. Our solution not only fends off cyber-attacks and intruders but also prioritizes the privacy of the guest. The Generation XV Managed Business Center ensures all data and history of the end user is wiped out when the guest terminates the session.

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