Advanced Hospitality Technologies assists hotel with a cutting edge mobile room key solution that allows guests to easily access their rooms with complete safety. Based on the award-winning mobile solution by Marriott Hotels, our 7 step mobile key solution provides hoteliers the distinct competitive agility to combat COVID19.

  • Rebuild Guest Trust
  • Simplified Smartphone-Based RFID BLE Room Keys
  • Signature Mobile Phone Apps
  • Eliminate Physical Key Issues
Signature Mobile Phone Apps
Eliminate Physical Key Issues
Rebuild Guest Trust
Simplified Smartphone-Based RFID BLE Room Keys

Our cutting edge RFID BLE room key solution enhances guest & staff safety by ensuring they maintain a safe distance while checking in and accessing rooms. To ensure the highest standards of safety, security, and simplicity we redesign room locks through a certified seven-step process.

Mobile Key Property Profile

Advanced Hospitality Technologies develops a complete property profile, identifying hotel lock systems, and proposes upgrades for mobile key integrations.

Obtaining & Signing RFID BLE Lock Quotes

Advanced Hospitality Technologies simplifies the mobile key process by obtaining quotes for RFID BLE locking systems, and all hotel owners have to do is approve and sign them.

Servers, Network, and Cabling

Advanced Hospitality Technologies offers a complete IT deployment checklist to ensure smooth vendor management with a complete review of the lock installation prerequisites and installation.

Software Upgrades & Security Compliance

Advanced Hospitality Technologies’s proficient team collaborates with the vendor to install remote security upgrades and security certificates on the lock servers.

Lock Configuration & Staff Training

Advanced Hospitality Technologies proactively delivers a lock configuration worksheet and complete mobile key lock training before mass deployment.

Lock Installation & Deployment

Advanced Hospitality Technologies’s world-class team effectively ensures all lock server and networking prerequisites have been complete before installation. The vendor then installs and configures locks for the BLE solution.

Validation Testing for Mobile Room Locks

Advanced Hospitality Technologies validates and tests the entire mobile room key deployment through test reservations for guest rooms. The testing is performed with the vendor on-site for superior quality assurance.

Powered By SafLok
System 6000 Technology

Advanced Hospitality Technologies deploys award-winning technology from SAFLOK (dormakaba) to ensure the highest standards of compliance, security, and reliability for hotel guests. In addition to being the chosen solution for multiple branded hotel franchises, SafLok has secured over 150 million room locks.

The award-winning vendor offers a selection of RFID locks with varying designs and capabilities to cater to different hotel brands. SAFLOK’s remarkable features include

  • Supports mobile access through Saflok RFID BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) locks
  • Multiple user profiles to ensure secure access.
  • Quick key read back and replacement features for lost and found cards
  • Couple with dormakaba’s Messenger LENS for an online/real-time room management solution
  • Integrates to a variety of third-party solutions including PMS, POS, energy management, and self-check-in kiosks
  • Extensive reporting library including key creation, user/group authorizations, and much more.
  • Securely programs and encodes keycards and accessories

Secure Hotel Guests & Staff With Award WInning Contactless Room Key Tech by Advanced Hospitality Technologies

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