Technology Vendor Management

What is Technology Vendor Management?

Hospitality organizations rely on multiple vendors to provide their the products & services to allow them to run an efficient business. The larger the hotel, the more vendors are required to get tasks done. Hotels are required to take a strategic approach to get the most out of their vendors and manage them efficiently and maintain strong relationships with the best ones.

As your technology management partner, Advanced Hospitality Technologies takes control of all issues, communications, and resolutions related to 3rd party vendors, systems & applications. Our experienced team becomes your first point of contact with all I.T. and various technology vendors to get things done.

Our exclsuive technology vendor management services include but are not limited to:

  • Researching & Sourcing Vendors
  • Obtaining RFPs
  • Assesing Capabilities
  • Evaluating Turnaround Times
  • Quality of Service Assesments
  • Negotiating Contracts
  • Managing Relationships
  • Assigning Tasks
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Disbursing Payments
  • Cancelling Vendor Contracts
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