For Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants using the Merchant Link payment system Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. brings you convenient and reliable migration to the latest Shift4 Payments platform.
Our professional team quickly performs all necessary checks, conducts PCI compliance analysis, and upgrades your hospitality payment systems to the new Shift4 Merchant Link payment system.

Merchant Link by Shift4 Payments - New Features

The Shift4 Payments platform will add some amazing features & functionality to the Merchant Link system, including:

  1. Comprehensive EMV solution, including free EMV terminals
  2. PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE)
  3. Advanced tokenization technology
  4. Free pay-at-the-table terminals, with built-in customer engagement features
  5. 100% uptime since 2008 with fully redundant, geographically diverse data centers
  6. Industry-leading transaction speeds
  7. Robust back-end reporting and enterprise management tools

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